Pond Creek United Methodist Church, Pond Creek, Oklahoma: A community of believers traveling together on a journey of faith.


Thank you for visiting our home on the web.  We are a community celebrating our belief in Jesus Christ and traveling with one another on the journey of faith. 

About Us

We are a loving community of faith that lives and shows the love of Jesus Christ. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to come and join us on the spiritual journey. 

We would like to invite you to join us to be a part of our community of faith. And may God’s blessings accompany you on the journey.

Upper Room Daily Devotional

Sermons/Video Links

Exclusively Online Worship:

March 22, 2020: Selah: In Right Paths



March 29, 2020: Selah: Out of the Depths



April 5, 2020: Palm Sunday: The King of Peace



April 9, 2020: Maundy Thursday: What is the Church?


April 10, 2020: Good Friday: A Tale of Three Crosses



April 12, 2020: Easter Sunday: Overcoming Fear



April 19, 2020: Revive Us Again Part 1- Unspeakable Joy



April 26, 2020: Revive Us Again Part 2- Setting Our Faith and Hope



May 3, 2020: Revive Us Again Part 3- By His Wounds



May 10, 2020: Living Stones



Contact Information

221 S. Second Street
 P. O. Box 177
 Pond Creek, OK 73766

Pastor Wendie:

580/ 243-8149


Jesus calls His followers to not only come together and worship together, but also to be the Church on the move! Jesus told us to GO into all the world and make disciples!  Come be a part of this movement! 

AT THIS TIME, we are celebrating 

WORSHIP AT 10:00 In Sanctuary

as well as Facebook and YouTube links

Come and join us as we learn together!